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We use sturdy, sterling silver jump rings. These are the most secure method to attach charms


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The Ultimate Guide to Attaching your Charms

If you have already started a charm bracelet, the charms from our site can be added to virtually any bracelet. There are a number of ways you can add charms to your bracelet, some of which are easier than others. All our hanging charms come with a sterling silver jump ring and a 5mm sterling silver split ring as standard, unless another attachment type is purchased. You can see all of our attachments below.

Charm Attachments

These are the main ways of attaching a charm to a bracelet (or anything, really!). There's pros and cons to each: the lobster clasp is best for easy changeovers, and the jump rings are the most secure option (but need pliers to attach or re-attach). We sell all of these attachements, simply click on each one to purhase from us - next day shipping is available.

CW-MLOB Product Main

Lobster clasps are the easiest way to attach charms to your bracelet and are perfect if you like to move your charms around and swap them frequently. We can attach any charm to a lobster clasp for you before we send it out to you.

Split rings are like minature keyrings that are perfect for attaching charms at home. These are included with all hanging charms and require no tools for attaching. Not to mention they are a very secure attachment.

No-solder jump rings are the standard attachments that we use to attach charms to bracelets. They are very secure and can be used for attaching at home. All you need is some small pliers or tweezers, which can gentlty pull the ring open to attach it to your bracelet, before being gently pushed closed again.

Hanger beads are perfect for turning any hanger charm, which comes on a jump ring, into a bead charm. Bead charms are ideal for snake chain bracelets like this one. If you add a hanger bead to your basket along with a non-bead charm, we can attach these together before sending them out to you.

Read our step-by-step guide

We've created a step-by-step guide below for attaching charms with a jump ring and a split ring. Attaching charms with a lobster clasp is super-simple, but if you're having any issues, just get in touch!

Attaching charms with a no solder jump ring:

  1. These instructions are for using a no solder jump ring. The jump rings supplied with the charms are intended for soldering
  2. Hold a pair of pliers in each hand, we recommend chain nose pliers, but any which have a thin nose will be perfect
  3. Firmly hold one side of the jump ring with a set of pliers in one hand (normally your non-writing hand), with the jump ring opening at the top. Keep your firm hand steady and with your other hand (normally your writing hand), hold the second set of pliers and grab the other side of the jump ring.
  4. To open the jump ring, push one side away from you while pulling the other side toward you. This will create a little gap in the ring. Do not pull outwards, as this will weaken the jump ring
  5. Use this small gap to insert the link of the bracelet where you would like the charm to be attached. While holding the jump ring with one pliers, use the other pliers to close the jump ring in the opposite way in which you opened the jump ring

Attaching charms with a split ring:

(No tools are required for attaching a charm via a split ring)

  1. Firstly, remove the charm from the manufacturer's jump ring (this is the ring the charm is attached to already)
  2. Find the end of the split ring and (as with a keyring) use your nail to open this slightly
  3. To open the jump ring, push one side away from you while pulling the other side toward you. This will create a little gap in the ring. Do not pull outwards, as this will weaken the jump ring.
  4. Whilst this has a small opening, thread through the charm all the way, so that it is now attached to the split ring securely
  5. Now, repeat the third process, but instead, thread the link of the bracelet through, the whole way around the split ring. The charm will now be super secure!