Hanging Vs Bead Charms

Hanging Vs Bead Charms

Charm bracelets are an ever popular item of jewellery and make great gift items. Bead bracelets are a revolutionary and great way to start a personal jewellery piece of your own or make perfect gift items for friends and loved ones.

But what exactly is the difference between bead and hanging charms?

Well, classic hanging charms attached to a chain link bracelet are the traditional choice and are probably what most people will think of when they talk about charms. This normally means a bracelet with a padlock attachment but of course many different styles are available. All of our charms come with a non-soldered jump ring and a split ring and can be attached to any classic bracelet in our range or to virually any bracelet or piece of jewellery. With over 1600 charm designs in our collection you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

More modern bead charm bracelets are snake chains, with the bead charm threading through the bracelet itself rather than hanging on to it. This has great appeal, making it very simple and quick to change your bracelet around regularly and without any hassle to keep your bracelet exciting and fresh. Contemporary bead charms and bracelets are increasingly popular. Our collection includes a great variety of coloured glass beads and silver designs, again with all the beads in our collection crafted from the finest .925 sterling silver.

Please note - Bead charms cannot be attached to classic hanging charm bracelets. However classic charms can be attached to bead bracelets by using a Hanger bead charm available in our Accessories category.