Your data at TheCharmworks

We want to let you know that your privacy and how we store your information is really important to us at TheCharmworks. We don’t want to send you stuff if you don’t want to hear from us - it comes across as a bit desperate!

We know privacy policies can be long and boring, but we’ve done our best to make it as clear and easy to understand as possible.

If you’re not up for reading the whole thing (because who has the time, right?) , this is the short version of what it says:

  • Most of the information we store is required for you to buy from something us - like your name and address.
  • We also keep some information to help you find the products that you love on our website.
  • This includes whether you’ve been a customer of ours before, what you bought and how you found us. Any personal data we do hold is encrypted and has restricted access within our business.
  • We don’t share your data with any other company who might want to sell you something.
  • We may share limited data with other companies to help with our own marketing. They are not permitted to share it with anyone else.
  • We delete customer data for people who are no longer customers after 4 years.
  • We have a way that you can opt out of each bit of data collection we do, apart from the stuff we have to legally keep. Click here to make this happen
  • You can also delete your entire account, if you want to.

Big on detail? Read on...

Privacy Policy

Who We Are is a Trading Style of jewellerybox Ltd. In this Privacy Policy references to "us" and "we" are to jewellerybox Ltd.


All credit card transactions on our website are secured by industry standard encryption. You will see the green padlock in your browser whenever you are entering your card details. All credit card transactions are processed by Braintree, a PayPal company, on behalf of jewellerybox.

What Information We Collect

The information we collect via this website:

  • Any personal details you type in and submit, such as name, address, email address, this is primarily used to process orders. Data collected may also be used to make sure you see the products most relevant to your interests getting you to the stuff you want as fast as possible.
  • Your IP address (this is a string of numbers representing your computer on the internet kind of like a digital postal address )), which is automatically logged by our web server. This is used to note your interest in our website for statistical purposes and may be combined with other personal data we process to identify your browsing behaviour.
  • Your email preferences - if you want to hear from us! We will combine order and browsing data to make sure you get emails tailored to you. Session information stored in cookies used to ensure the correct data is extracted from the database when you use our website. For more information on the cookies we use on this site, please see our cookies page
  • We do not hold sensitive payment details such as your card number, expiry date and security code. All credit and debit card payments are handled through our secure third party payment processor, Braintree. Please refer to Braintree’s privacy policy.

What We do with Your Information

We are a registered Data Controller, and any personal information we collect from this website will be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable laws. The details we collect will be used by us and our third party contractors:

  • To process your order & provide after-sales service
  • To comply with legal requirements
  • To keep you up-to-date with our latest offers
  • To offer you the most personalised and relevant service we possibly can
  • To make sure that our advertising is relevant to you, and delivered at a time, in a manner, and on the types of channels which you are most likely to enjoy, and hopefully to reduce the number of our adverts which you are likely to find irrelevant or irritating..

On occasion, and only for our own administrative functions, your personal data may be processed outside of the EEA by our third party contractors. By registering an account with us, contacting us by email, our contact form, through live support, or by placing an order with us, you consent to the transfer of your personal data outside of the EEA where it may be processed on servers outside of the EEA, and by our third party contractors.

Who We Share Your Data With

Royal Mail & Carriers

Royal Mail is our chosen carrier in the UK. We also use a number of other couriers and international carriers with whom, together with the Royal Mail, we share your name and address and (if relevant), your phone number so that your Charmworks parcel can be delivered in a timely manner. None of our carriers are permitted to share your data, or use your personal data for any purposes other than for the safe delivery of your goods.


When you are logged in, or create an account on our website for the first time, you will be assigned a unique user ID. This is an anonymous string of numbers and does not contain personal information such as your name or email address. We provide this unique string of numbers to Google every time you log in to your account. This allows Google to add you to an anonymous group of 100+ browsers to which we may serve relevant adverts to, based on your browsing behaviour and purchase history. In practice this means that if you view our website on one browser, or on one device, and then later you are searching for products on another device, you will be able to find relevant Charmworks products more quickly and easily in the search results. Please refer to google's own privacy policy around this to find out more:

Tax Agencies

We are registered for VAT in a number of jurisdictions throughout the EU. We use a number of VAT agents, including ITR Service and Simply VAT to process quarterly and monthly VAT returns in a number of jurisdictions. Depending upon your country of residence, these VAT agents, together with the relevant tax authorities are passed your name, address, the value of your order and the tax charged. This information is provided in an encrypted form, and maintained on record by these agents for the purposes of filing accurate tax returns only.

Back Office

In order to provide customers with the best service possible, we outsource some back office and customer service functions. This means that when our office in the UK is closed, we can still provide replies to emails so we can answer any queries you may have as quickly as possible. Your order data is available to our back office provider to allow them to give the best support and speedy processing of your order. This is information is accessed on an ad hoc basis over a secure connection.


Our IT infrastructure is located in Europe and managed outside it. The developers we use have been working with us since we started and have access to the website code and database solely to make improvements to our site, keep it safe and secure and debug issues.


We use MailChimp as our preferred third party email marketing provider. We provide MailChimp with your name, your email address, and your previous purchase and browsing behaviour. This allows us to ensure that you are served emails relevant to the type of products you have shown an interest in. MailChimp is not permitted to pass these details on to any other business, and you will not receive any marketing emails from companies other than Jewellerybox because of your relationship with Jewellerybox. All of our emails contain an unsubscribe button. Should you wish to unsubscribe from all future marketing emails at any time, you can do so instantly.


If you are logged in to Facebook and you visit our website, Facebook will be able to see what pages on our website you have visited. Facebook then aggregates the data about who has visited what pages on our website, and you may be served content on Facebook relevant to the type of products you have shown an interest in. For customers who have registered an email address with Jewellerybox, we may share this information with Facebook. Facebook does not share your profile with us, or tell us whether or not you have a Facebook account. However, based on the email addresses we provide, Facebook may add your Facebook profile to an anonymous list of 100+ profiles which may collectively be served content specific to Jewellerybox. Facebook will not use the emails we provide to allow other 3rd parties to market products to you.


We want to put you in control of your data and privacy. We now have a data control panel where you can control the data we store about you. Please login to your account where you can view the options available and update your preferences.

In this portal you can:

  • Unsubscribe from our mailing list
  • Opt out of receiving automatic review emails after you order
  • Opt out of being displayed adverts relevant to the products viewed
  • Delete your account

You can also ask us to update or remove your personal information by clicking on the contact us link or by writing to us at our customer services address below. However, please note that we may need to keep some personal data in order to process orders or to comply with customer service or after sale obligations.

You also have the right to request a copy of any personal information we hold about you. To do this, simply write to us at the following address:

Data Protection
Unit 3
151 - 161 Tunnel Avenue
London, SE10 0PW

Saying Goodbye

We keep order and customer data to comply with tax and accounting law in the various jurisdictions we operate. However, annually we remove personal data from accounts and the orders linked to those accounts that have been inactive for 4 years.

You can at any time request account deletion through the ‘Your Data’ section of our website.

Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 16 March 2023. We may change our Privacy Policy at any time, and will post any amended and updated Privacy Policy directly to this website by way of Notice.